About Anders Gabrielsson

After a long career as a business controller (mainly as CFO at ÅF Consulting Group) I started to paint in the fall of 2011. Full of energy, joy and life, I did not know what to do with all spare time suddenly available when I approached pension. To me and my friends great surprise a window was opened, and I discovered the painting. This discovery made me completely obsessed and since then, I paint and draw almost every day. And I've never been happier! 

I grew up in Gothenburg where I took a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics. My career brought me to Stockholm where I have lived for many years with my wife. My five children have left home and now I have six grandchildren. 

First, I paint in acrylic and gouache on paper. Based on my painting, I also do graphic prints, coasters, trays and postcards. My motives are taken from my neighborhood in Stockholm, but I also get a lot of inspiration from my summerhouse in the seaside of Haverdal, Halland. My painting is most figurative, but sometimes I get even more inspired and let my feelings show the way in my paintings. 

I have no art education and is what you call autodidact. Therefore, I was very pleased and surprised being represented with three graphic prints (Giclée) at Liljevalch's salon 2018 and two graphic prints (Giclée) 2019. Liljevalch's salon is a jury-rated yearly exhibition with roundabout 120,000 visitors. Liljevalch´s salon has a great reputation I Sweden.

In 2023 I was the winner of Solna konsthall vårsalong.


Anders Gabrielsson